Our Mascot is your sidekick standing in a Superhero pose to instill motivation, power and confidence in You to overcome all your learning challenges

We are not just a platform; we are a friendly community cheering on each learner.

At LearnidoWe Understand” learning can be daunting

Elevate your experience with Learnido: Your sidekick to custom education with better content, smart analytics, and fun collaborations.

Let’s start your Superhero journey!

We Understand pacing without personalisation can be tough

Our Solution – Your education, your way

Our algorithms adapt to real time moderations according to your learning style, enhancing your performance

Adaptable Learning

Learn at your own speed and style, with a personalized path for every learner

Difficulty Level Modeling

Challenges you with varied difficulty level

We understand forgetfulness can have consequences

Our Solution – Personalised Learning Management System

Our algorithms crack your memory retention to keep you on track

Optimized memory retention

Ensures timely practice quizzes on completed topics

Goal setting calendar

Ensures timely reminders on pre set goals

Personal practice space

Access your own learning space to store and review your knowledge on important topics

We understand difficulties of knowledge isolation

Our Solution – Knowledge Rich Community

We offer peer interaction for smart collaborations and shared motivation

Differential Interaction

Learn from individuals with different perspectives

Positive Collaboration

Cultivate a dynamic knowledge base

Interactive Collaboration

Exchange ideas, seek assistance, interact with other learners

We Understand not knowing your progress could be costly

Our Solution – User Behaviour Comprehension

Our algorithms comprehend your behavior for detailed performance analysis

Data driven

Harness the power of data

Learner Feedback

Your voice shapes your evolution

User friendly Performance analytics

Identify your strengths and weaknesses

For Educators

We Understand absence of analytics hinders continuous improvement and effective support delivery

Our Solution – In-depth 360-degree Aggregated to Micro Level Analytics

Access to detailed progress reports on a student or a class to predict and manage performance challenges

Personalised learning management

Schedule classes, manage notifications, upcoming assessments and study materials

Engagement Metrics

Assessing and measuring individual or group engagement on a topic

Learning Pace insights

Providing insights into individuals progress through assessments

Micro Level Analytics

Understand the uniqueness of every learner

Aggregated Analytics

Analytics on group sizes of up to 10,000 students

We Understand learning through the same type of content could be boring and pointless

Our Solution: Your content, your way, we deliver

We are an adaptable platform that can support wide range of content types

Diverse learner engagement

Customizable as per learning preferences

Fexibility for content creators

Creativity and innovation in educational content development

Comprehensive Learning

Benefit from a holistic learning that combines text, visuals, and multimedia content

While We Understand your problems, its time for you to understand and embark on a transformative journey

A  journey where every click, every interaction is crafted to empower you by understanding your shortfalls and converting them into your preparatory steps.

The fun part is that all this is done in your preferred way.

So why wait??? Join our community to do, learn and grow.